Research, User Testing, Prototyping, Branding
Being initially interested in current diabetes tracking products, I was disappointed in how outdated, inaccessible, and limmited important informaiton was to the user who’s lives depended on these applications every day.

Halfway through this project I realized that my own product research and looking at reviews wasn't going to be enough to fully understand what people needed. So I ended up getting in touch with Type 1 and 2 individuals that allowed me to learn the real problems they were facing. The feedback I received had immense influence on the final product. The result became system that better understands the lifestyle of a diabetic, giving them the insight, guidance and confidence in their blood sugar that had been missing from the technolgy they were currently using.


How can I make tracking glucose easier, and have individuals make more informed decisions around blood sugar management?

Interview INSIGHTS

Where diabetes management apps fall short

Outdated Interfaces
Diabetic management applications fail to present important informaiton in a novel way and deliver an experience that can be enjoyable and easy to use.
Tedious Logging Process
Planning food intake, bolus intake or exercise to accomodate for future glucose levels is an ongoing battle trying to live a regular life.
Missing Features
Exercise, eating habits and lifestyle changes are out of the picture on these applications, which are essential aspects managing diabetes.
Mental Barriors
There is a common resistance individuals have with checking or administering insulin because of undesired readings they may see or that data is overwhelming.

Ideas focused on balancing efficiency, emotion, and utility.

Gluca connects to any Bluetooth continuous glucose monitor shows how food, exercise and lifestyle changes influence blood sugar levels. It also determines how much insulin, food or movement one may need to maintain optimal health and blood sugar.

Individuals are given the heads up for their upcoming glucose changes they should plan for, while giving the user power over what data and who their data can be shared with.

Track Glucose, Events, and Food Intake

A highly favourited history log and an efficient process to determine the exact insulin you’ll need based on carbohydrate intake.

Stay in Range

Gain an better understanding of blood sugar patterns that provide actionable insights that everyone can understand.

24/7 Awareness

Instant and clear readings of glucose 24/7 that are easy to interpret at a glance.

Look into the Future

Glucose forecasting allows you to see where your glucose is headed so you know how to prepare.