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Information Architecture
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Bringing Givingli’s Award winning IOS app to the web.


Givingli wanted bring their card and gift sending platform from IOS to the web and approached Article to design their desktop experience in aims to be accessible to non-IOS user demographics and improve the way people use Givingli for business at a much larger scale.

As the lead UX/UI designer, the objective of the project was to extend familiar design language to the new platform, refine and amplify the features users loved from mobile, add more e-commerce capability to increase gift purchases and further drive recipient signups. User data from the mobile app and customer insights from the Givingli team heavily influenced design decisions throughout the entire process.

Full prototypes of key user flows and a desktop design system were shipped to Givngli's product team for a successful V-1 launch. This project would not have been successful without the amazing support and feedback from the Article team throughout the entire project.
Outdated Interface
Diabetic management applications fail to present important informaiton in a novel way and deliver an experience that can be enjoyable and easy to use.
Tedious Logging Process
Planning food intake, bolus intake or exercise to accomodate for future glucose levels is an ongoing battle trying to live a regular life.
Missing Features
Exercise, eating habits and lifestyle changes are out of the picture on these applications, which are essential aspects managing diabetes.
No Actionability
It's one thing to get an accurate reading, but it's another to know what to do with it. Diabetic app users felt like they were always arriving at "dead-end" while trying to take the next step with their readings and summaries.

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