Inspired by Challenge. Motivated by Curiosity. Inspired by Challenge. Motivated by Curiosity.

InspiredMotivated by Curiosity. Inspired by Challenge. Motivated by Curiosity.

Hey, I'm Christopher

I'm a product and visual designer from Toronto that is passionate about creating consumer-centric products and brands.

I've always been interested in solving problems that require systematical and creative approaches which led me to pursue design, and recently graduate from the York University & Sheridan College Design program.

I currently freelance for various brands and agencies in the UK, Toronto and California. Right now I am focused on building brand and product experiences with a human centred and data-driven approach.

I often enjoy combining my interests for design and health which has shaped the way I think about how the things I make impact people on a mental, emotional and physical level. My first step towards this reality is becoming the creative director of Beyond Eyewear located in the GTA, an eyewear store with a wholistic approach to eyewear and eye health.

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