A better way to cook, budget, and eat healthier.
Team lead
Visual Design & UX
Video Production
Nicole Lozano, Genesis Bautista, Wishah Qaisar, Brandon De Oliviera
4 month Sprint
This was a 4 month sprint that involved conversations, interviews and testing to figure out how to solve the problem of making cooking at home easier and more affordable while saving time.

Bites allows busy professionals take control of their diet and time by suggesting catered recipes, planning meals and managing food expenditures.
Customizing the Experience
Bitez finds the recipes based on your cooking goals, food preferences and allergies, cooking level and how much money you have to spend.
Grocery Budgeting
Save money, and manage your budget.
Create a budget goal to monitor your purchases at the grocery store and keep all of your grocery bills in one place.
Meal Planning
Schedule meals in advance and be consistent.
Plan your favourite meals in advance and see how long it will take to prepare. You'll always be on track.
Goodbye notepads, hello automatic grocery lists.
Bitez will automatically generate a list of the ingredients you need from your favourite recipe and provide an estimated total based on grocery stores in your location.
Keep track of ingredients & save on food.
Keep track and add food you have at home with Pantry. Bitez will then find you recipes based in the ingredients you have so nothing goes to waste.